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Black Lives Matter

Tonight, we aren’t going to have our normal podcast or show. Instead we are taking a moment to reflect on the world. Last week, a man was allegedly using a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. Which at most holds a sentence of 1 to 3 years. Instead it took life, an officer with nearly 20 complaints over his time on the force, took George Floyd's life. 

George Floyd is one of many lives taken without a judge and jury, without peers of their group, and without evidence to convict to death. 

Tonight we are going to watch as Parents teach their kids on how to protect themselves from the police. We’ll watch George Floyds memorial. And we will watch ‘Just Mercy’ which is free on Amazon Prime right now

We as a society need to take off our blinders. We need to come together. We need to fix this. It will take each of us and it will take time. Unfortunately, We are out of time. 

Black Lives Matter.

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