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My Little Secret To Get Way More Sales With CallCap

Learn how to harness the cutting edge marketing strategy that is changing the game for service businesses. Learn how to get more sales, more money per sale, and more repeated sales - discover how to harness the latest trend to generate WAY more sales (and all kinds of other benefits, too). Get the industry insider's information that NO ONE ELSE is sharing, and get in on the bottom floor (because this trend is growing fast and will continue to grow).


Key Lessons Learned:

CallCap Voice Broadcasting

  • CallCap Voice broadcasting is a prerecorded message that gets sent out to phone numbers at scale. You can reach thousands of people in a small amount of time.
  • It’s very cheap when compared to direct mail and other outreach methods.
  • Common uses include maintenance reminders, new product announcements, and membership expirations. You can also create something that reinforces your company’s culture every single week.
  • The response rate is typically very high.
  • If you’re bad at planning for you business, you’re probably going to be bad with voice broadcasting. Build it once and then automate the process.
  • Let your agents know when you are doing a voice broadcast so they know how to handle the call. Leak them out on a schedule that allows you to fill the gaps in your schedule.
  • Don’t try to hide the fact that it’s a recorded message.
  • Don’t stop broadcasting if you have a couple people complain, there are always some complaints. Send them a fruit basket and if they want to unsubscribe, let them.
  • If you have an customer list, and you’re not outbound broadcasting, you are wasting your time.

Follow Up Surveys

  • If you want to control what’s happening before it becomes a problem, the automated survey is the key.
  • As soon as you close a job, send out the survey and get your feedback right there and then.
  • People are not afraid to give an automated survey an honest response.
  • Leave a phone number so your customer has the opportunity to call you and leave their feedback directly if they want to.
  • Exceeding expectations is a process, you have to measure your feedback in order to know how to get better.

Text Messaging

  • Text messaging has a 98% read rate and are opened in the first three seconds received.
  • It has a 19% click through rate and the highest rate of customer satisfaction.
  • Informative videos are a good content option for text broadcasts.
  • You can also send out appointment reminders and notifications without requiring an opt in from the customer. Do you due diligence on this but informational info that doesn’t have a sale message in it don’t need opt ins as well.
  • Text messages after a job is done are a great way to generate reviews online.
  • The sky's the limit, get creative with text broadcasts and nurture the customer lifecycle.
  • Generating opt ins can be done by offering a coupon on your website, integrating it with your social media, putting it on your printed materials, and training your team to ask for permission. You need to be passionate when it comes to developing a list of opt ins.
  • Set expectations at the beginning and let the customer know how many messages you are going to send, don’t spam people.
  • Short codes are not necessary for most service businesses, a local number is probably a much better option.
  • Send valuable information four times before you ask for the sale. You will be known as a resource for information instead of spammy sales messages. Education creates awareness, awareness creates buying habits.
  • The more touch points you have with your customers, the better. Frequency and follow up are how you win the game.


  • Even the best agent can lose a call. CallCap has a team of analysts that listen to every call within 15 minutes and will help you save some of those lost opportunities.
  • Think of it like insurance against losing calls and potential revenue for your business.
  • If you listen to the calls that you lost, that’s when you will learn what you need to work on.

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