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Sounds and Words, A Podcast with a Difference explores the somewhat crowded intersection of the arts and faith, but it aims to take frequent detours across new and largely unexplored neighboring areas of interest. Created by author Karl Erickson who joined the Catholic Church with his wife and children in 2015, the podcast delves into many areas of great interest to today's Catholic community--as well as those still spiritually searching. One week, for instance, it may focus on a visit to Rome or London, while the next show may explore the meaning of sacred space or even take a hard look at the current political environment. Topics will vary across these general themes. Listeners may also share their preferences with the podcaster through e-mail or social media contacts. Expect new podcasts to be shared every several weeks, or so. The length will be an average of twenty minutes until the show gains a following.

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A Conversation with Wingham Rowan, Speaker and Gig Economy Expert

Today on the Sounds and Words podcast, my guest is Wingham Rowan, former television journalist, current speaker, author, and Gig Economy expert. If you haven't noticed recently, today's workforce is changing at lightning speed. While Uber and Lyft may make headlines, the new challenges facing the modern workforce are much more complicated than this kind of limited news coverage may suggest. For instance, all across the USA and United Kingdom employees and contractors are waiting to see if their services may be needed at their workplaces within the next few hours. Complex algorithms are used by companies to calculate immediate staffing needs, and these employees never know exactly when their services may be required. This creates untold difficulties (and quiet desperation at times) for these workers' management of their personal lives. How, for example, does one arrange childcare in advance when one never knows the precise schedule? Even applying for other positions can become impractical. In Wingham Rowan's popular Ted Talk, he introduced the idea of Modern Markets for All, but what does this mean exactly? Our conversation explores the daunting problem of the Irregular Worker within the Gig Economy--from the United Kingdom across the pond to the United States.