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Take control of your sports career and start DOMINATING your competition. The "I'm Not You" Sports Domination Podcast is hosted by Former All American and NFL Running Back Olaniyi Sobomehin aka Niyi Sobo, and he walks you through the specific strategies, habits, and most important MINDSET that you need to take your game to the NEXT level. You'll learn how to master your emotions, how to set goals and crush them, and the mindset of the worlds best athletes so you can get the results you want. This show will feature interviews with NFL, NBA, MLB and Professional Soccer players so you can leverage their experience to reach your sports goals!


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Title: Throwback: Reality Check for the "9-5" Athlete

Throwback: Reality Check for the "9-5" Athlete

August 9th, 2019

It's tough to make your dreams a reality while you work a" 9-5" whether your dream is to create a business or make it as a pro. I've been able to make… Go to Episode

Books and Bars: “Mastery” by Robert Greene (Throwback)

August 7th, 2019

Your past is likely holding you back, and it's all in your head. You've got to wage war. This clip from Robert Greene's classic book "Mastery" illustrates… Go to Episode

Up on Game: How to be more excited and motivated towards your goals (Throwback)

August 8th, 2019

Having low energy and a lack of motivation towards your goals is not a good sign, and is certainly not a standard for high performers….So we must find… Go to Episode

The Keys To Peak Performance: Alan Stein Jr. Interview

August 6th, 2019

Today's episode is an exclusive interview with Alan Stein, Jr., an author and speaker who spent 15+ years as a performance coach working with the highest-performing… Go to Episode