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The Steelers Outpost Podcast is for fans of the Black and Gold who want a show with a point to make. No rambling, just the story behind the stats with some unconventional observations mixed in.


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Map to the Super Bowl LV Revealed

2020 Schedule Released

The Steelers will play four games in prime time this year against opponents with a collective 2019 record under .500.  We talk about the Win-Loss prospects for the Steeler through the first quarter of the season.

Ben’s Offseason Conditioning

Jay Glazer clarified his remarks about Ben’s conditioning. Although we can agree that Big Ben is not concocting vegetable smoothies, so what?  Are we watching the last of the Babe Ruth archetype athletes, who’s accomplishments come from willpower and a natural well spring of talent?

CBA Cut Disabled Veterans


The Disability Plan under the new NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement pulls the rug out under veterans.  Under the prior plan, veterans receiving disability payments were paid 100% of the payments called for under the agreement.  Now, their payments will be reduced by any Social Security Disability payments they receive.

Veterans ability to collect will be further eroded by a new provision that allows only NFL  disability plan doctors determine if a former player qualifies for benefits. Under the terms of the old contract, the NFL would accept the diagnosis of a player approved to receive Social Security disability benefits by an outside doctor.

It seems the players weren’t aware of these nuances when they first ratified the contract.  Free-agent defensive back Eric Reid called foul against the NFLPA for producing a revised version of the contract (that reduced benefits) after the players accepted the original version.

NFLPA president JC Tretter seened to acknowledge the problem, indicating that the Executive Committee and former player leadership will reexamine the changes to Total and Permanent Disability negotiated in the new CBA.