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Fine-Tune Your Child’s Sleep Problems with Sleep Expert Lucy Wolfe

In her new book, 'All About The Baby Sleep Solution: Your Questions Answered', paediatric sleep consultant and mum of four children Lucy Wolfe helps parents conquer their baby's sleep. Her stay-and-support approach has helped thousands of people achieve the holy grail of parenthood – a full night’s sleep! But as every parent knows, even with the best sleep routine in place, things can go awry. She chatted to Alison Curtis on Weekend Breakfast all about the most common problems she encounters when working with families and helpful advice for parents.   View this post on Instagram   Publication date is looming - the hard work and stress takes to the shelves on Friday this week titled All About The Baby Sleep Solution Your Questions Answered-thank you so much to all of you so far who have supported this book- those of you who are currently waiting on your preorder - I can’t thank you enough. I was pretending to myself that this second book doesn’t matter to me as much as the first one but that’s not true and since all the planned events around the PR of this amazing resource for parents have been postponed it has made me realize how much I really do care and in turn appreciate your ongoing promotion of me, my work and my book(s). What is happening with the lockdown is far more important than this, but as some friends reminded me last night- whilst we are constrained, it’s a great time to read a book or two!!! It’s also a wonderful time, if everyone is well, to start making changes to your sleep, without the real life interruptions that normally exist- so in every circumstance there is opportunity 💤💤💕💕. You can purchase the book on all online platforms and in stores by the end of the week and you still have the chance to win a consultation and support with me valued at €500 with every preorder from @dubraybooks - I ve linked in my stories Once again, my thanks to you. Together here, we have created the nicest place for nonjudgmental, effective and practical parenting support 💕💕💤💤 A post shared by Lucy Wolfe (@lucywolfesleep) on Mar 14, 2020 at 12:52am PDT Listen back to all of Lucy's advice by pressing the play button at the top of the screen. Weekend Breakfast with Alison Curtis, Saturdays and Sundays from 8am!