Teaching Artistry with Courtney J. Boddie


Teaching Artistry blends creative and educational practice in service of community building, social justice, and inspiring joy. Courtney J. Boddie, Host and Creator, chats with teaching artists and arts educators who are driving professional teaching artistry forward. Courtney and her guests discuss personal journeys, celebrate triumphs and challenges, and advocate fiercely for the arts in all communities.


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Episode 1: James Miles - Fresh Professor

JAMES MILES, Executive Director of Seattle-based Arts Corps / Master Teaching Artist, has worked in arts education for nearly 20 years. A graduate of Morehouse College and Brandeis University, James is the Former Director of Education at Urban Arts Partnership. He has also facilitated workshops and designed curriculum for the New Victory Theater, Roundabout Theatre, Disney Theatrical Group, Theatre for a New Audience, Center of Arts Education, BAX, Brooklyn Arts, Council, Opening Act and(Out)Laws & Justice. Follow him on Twitter @fresh_professor.