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Creative minds often find business difficult. The 30 Foot Gorilla Podcast aims to help creative professionals develop a business mindset. If you’re considering becoming a freelancer, starting a small creative practice or dream of growing your existing practice into something much bigger, this podcast is here to help. This podcast is specifically intended for creative professionals in any of the creative design fields like architecture, graphic design, illustration, furniture and lighting design, fashion design and styling, landscape architecture and garden design, photography, projection art and just about everything in between.
Each week on the podcast we interview creatives from Australia and around the world to find out what they’re up to and ask them to share their insights into just what it takes to get paid for doing what you love. We discuss their experiences of taking the leap from employee to free agent, steps to take before you make the move, thinking about the long term, choosing a business structure, dealing with taxation, collaborating with others, building star teams, determining what you’re worth and how much to charge and all other the intertwined aspects of being a creative and running a business.
As you already know there are plenty of resources around that help you with the creative side of being creative, and likewise there are plenty of resources and services online and offline to help you with the business side of doing business.. but as you have probably already discovered, there isn’t much that out there that brings them together and deals with the business side of creativity. Taking a small business course at a local college or community education centre can be very expensive and time consuming. Rarely do they focus on the specific needs and nature of being paid to be creative. We’re aiming to build a supportive community that helps each other grow, sharing and learning from the experiences of our peers and connecting creative via in-person events around the world.
Perhaps you’re an architect working for someone else but you’ve been thinking for some time that you want to step out on your own and set up your own practice on your own terms. Maybe it’s not by choice, but by necessity because you’ve suddenly found yourself out of a job. Maybe you’ve got a landscape design business and have been going for a few years but would really like to learn some new techniques that others are doing that might help to push your business to the next level. You might be an interior designer but finding you want to try something different and looking to either broaden your scope or side step altogether into a lighting or furniture design business.
Maybe you’re just finishing up a graphic design or photography course and want to set up a home-based freelance practice. Perhaps you could be interested in a number of design fields and would like to set up some sort of multi-disciplinary design collective.
Whatever it is that you do, if your goal is to have the freedom to do what you love, to get paid, to build a business around being creative, this podcast is totally for you.

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