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Episode 35: Animals With Swords (and Other Weapons)

What do mice, foxes, cats, and badgers all have in common? They have, in one fantasy property or another, been heroic wielders of all kinds of weaponry! Whether it's the mice in a humble abbey, the helpful cat companions in a world of giant monsters, or a certain usually-a-badger friend from a magical tavern in another dimension, we talk about the properties these animals have in real life that might inspire their fantasy armaments! Join us as we entertain the fact that mice are jacked, and could absolutely kill you, and hear our plea about an unknown badger plight.

Intro and outro theme by Samantha Hogan, @Shogan_Composer on Twitter, and online at You can find the Audio Armory on Twitter at @AudioArmoryCast! Your local bard  is Emily Kardamis; @corruptedgem on Twitter. Your local blacksmith is LiZz Beltz; @LiZzBeltz on Twitter.