The Burning Theater


Although we typically can’t quite explain it, nearly all of us will likely encounter some sort of transcendent experience while watching film.

It is our belief that film exists as an artistic medium and since God created us in His image, we inherently possess the capability of simultaneously expressing ourselves and glorifying God through artistic creativity. With this understanding, we believe that filmmakers (and other artists in general for that matter) are capable of either intentionally or inadvertently leading us to a direct encounter with God. In addition, since we believe that God is truth, in any situation where we can derive truth in film, we subsequently believe that we can derive information that may be beneficial to our views on God and our spiritual journey.

It is a dangerous pitfall to limit the Spirit’s role to the Spirit of Christ. Ultimately, we decided to start “The Burning Theater” to uphold our belief that God can speak to us through a variety of mediums, some being more peculiar than others (i.e. God speaking to Moses through a burning bush). We have no doubt that some of the feelings that we experience while watching film can leave space for theological reflection, as some of these stories can essentially function as modern-day parables that may or may not offer transformative guidance.

With that said, it is important for us to clarify that engaging culture does not necessarily mean “embracing” culture. Culture obviously impacts a substantial audience, so engaging culture as a means to spread the Good News and witness to others can be quite powerful! Since we are both interested in film and believe that it can communicate profound messages that may transcend what we are verbally capable of expressing, we believe that it is crucial to really confront our transcendent experiences with film, analyze the messages that we perceive as truths, and dissect how God may be using these experiences to speak directly with us.


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