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The Entrepreneur Hot Seat is a podcast for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to hear stories from other entrepreneurs, the different types of businesses out there and the challenges other entrepreneurs are facing and what they are doing to overcome those challenges. In each episode, I will interview a different entrepreneur (some very successful, some just starting out) to learn about their business, their vision and goals as well as what they are struggling with and try to pull some lessons from the conversation.


The Entrepreneur Hot Seat | Interviews w/ Different Entrepreneurs About Business, Marketing, Finance, Goals, Challenges & More navigateright Episode

Gaining Clarity on your Dreams and Overcoming Fear with Chuck Balsamo

Chuck is an extraordinary life expert guiding champs to the 3 summits of total wellness, success, and impact.

In his 20’s Chuck built one of the top real estate teams in the nation. From there, he’s built a vast platform of influence and added numerous layers of knowledge and experience in personal development and business!

Today, Chuck speaks all over the world to audiences above 100K people in stadiums and conferences.

Chuck coaches and leads masterminds for entrepreneurs, artists and business professionals earning $100K to multiple millions in annual profits, and getting the extraordinary life they want to have.


  • Chuck’s background and how he got to where he is today
  • Chuck got into real estate at 25 and hired a coach for $1K/month
  • “You can master anything if you learn the processes and systems”
  • Check started investing in himself to be the best speaker possible
  • Tip for overcoming fear as a speaker: focus on the audience
  • Ask who the audience is, what are their challenges and what is life like?
  • Dream, strategy, execution
  • Importance of learning from failure
  • Talking about the Los Angeles Dream Center:
  • Storybrand: Donald Miller. Authority and Empathy
  • How Chuck got over his fear of dancing in public
  • The biggest factor that helps people become successful is that they take massive action
  • The importance of getting clarity on your dreams
  • The importance of jumping when it’s time to jump
  • Chuck’s social media strategy
  • “My strategy has always been to make a difference each day”
  • “Impact is how I’m going to measure my success”
  • “I don’t want to get paid for everything I do”
  • People win in 1-1 conversations
  • “The biggest moves in my life have all been manual, not automatic”
  • How to gain more clarity and vision for where you want to go
  • “Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in five years”
  • The balance and challenge of monetizing what you love to do (like encouraging people)


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