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John Brhel - Another Interview, More Horror Anthology Goodness

Thank you for listening to the Night Keep podcast! I get to chat with John Brhel again, this time about two new books from this dynamic duo at Cemetery Gates Media, plus I find out there is a third book!

What we have here is straight-from-the-author's-mouth discussion on "Marvelry's Curiosity Shop" and "At the Cemetery Gates - Year One". 

This interview was recorded the weekend before Christmas, and I have been unable to get this thing posted until now, and for that I apologize.

John Brhel and Joseph Sullivan are among my favorite authors, now. I have read 3 of their offerings, and each book is unique and compelling. These guys get anthology horror, and they do it exceptionally. 

To find out more about John Brhel and Joseph Sullivan, check out their website - Cemetery Gates Media

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