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Planet Platypus Show - EPISODE 11

Our first show back from The Gentleman's Club EXPO in Las Vegas, Reya Sunshine is in studio with the boys. We discuss the good, bad and ugly from our EXPO experience. Josh got catfished on Tinder. He tells us the whole hilarious story and then finishes it off with a spitfire about his Tinder experience. Reya shares stories about her fans being catfished by not so nice people using her likeness. We finish the show with a surprise appearance from Morgan MacFreeman to read Reya's Instagram DM's that are too dirty to post. This show is a must listen. Planet Platypus would like to say that the opinions from Platypus are his only. That's right, Plat went on another rant which will most likely offend someone. Platypus's views are his only and do not reflect Planet Platypus or any of our supporters and sponsors. Listen at your own risk!!!