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RUN2IMPROVE hour was created t0 help others like myself make this “lifestyle change”, whether on a Diet Program or following one of your own. It can be done! and I will show you how and share and talk about all the ups and down we will face in our journeys. All you need is patiences, focus, and determination and subscribe. I hope my podcast helps you get the motivation you need to succeeded in your journey. RSS Feed URL

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Episode 32 R2IPS- Terry Rupp

Welcome back guys! Its time once again for another podcast interview. This time I will be talking to "Terry Rupp" she is a mother, chef, blogger and a marathon runner, you may ask whats amazing about that?. The amazing part is that Terry lost her eye sight at a young age, but now is currently training to run her 1st full marathon. She will be participating in this year "Rock N Roll Marathon" in Las Vegas. Terry is a blind runner running thru her limitations and giving other inspiration to get moving.