The Soul of California


Let them share.....That's the goal. Let the leading thinkers, writers, academics and artists talk about their work and the influence of California on that work.

In these podcasts, I hope to bring out the myth and the ethos that is not only a leading administrative entity in the United States, but also the world.

Stay tuned, to enter the soul of California....


The Soul of California navigateright Episode

SoC's Swan Song

After 75+ shows of the Soul of California, I am closing out the podcast. This finale is a short five minutes, reflecting on the podcast, some of the stories and a few of my takeaways. 

A MASSIVE thanks to you out there. I hope that you learned something, enjoyed it along the way and felt inspired to go out and have a California experience. I certainly did. 

Please download them and share them - it is unclear how long I will keep the site running. Some are precious stories of people who were very instrumental in creating a new reality and for some reason were not "bankable" enough for prime time. If you want to get in touch, drop me a line at [email protected]

I am now on to creating the world's first Bridge Museum. In a time of walls, shouldn't we celebrate bridges? Connection over division? Dialogue over debate?

Intrigued? Check out You are the change, if you want to be. 

And don't forget. Feed your soul. Keep listening.