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In episode 4, we are pleased to be joined by a passionate Windows Phone user, Kyle Reddoch aka "WinPhanKyle"!

You can expect a lot of talk about the Windows Phone platform along with Kyles thoughts on the recently released iPhone 6 Plus and how he feels it compares to his daily driver, the Nokia Lumia 1520.


About our guest

Kyle, father of 3 & husband to 1, is a passionate programmer using the Microsoft Stack though .NET and C#/VB. He helps developers create awesome solutions in the cloud (Windows Azure) and on mobile devices (Windows 8 and Windows Phone), and is a staff member on

Kyle considers himself a total tech geek, who enjoys using Microsoft technologies whenever and wherever possible.

To connect with Kyle, you can do so via Twitter @WinPhanKyle and his page.


Stories discussed

  • Toshiba is exiting the consumer PC market

  • Google is no longer requiring new Gmail accounts to make a Google+ account

  • We are fast moving to a "lease" model with content and device services

  • Verizon confirms iPhone users will be able to use Voice & LTE to talk & surf the web at the same time

  • Destiny the videogame is making killer bank

  • Microsoft drops the price to free for devs