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We look at the Current Events and the Q Posts in the Light of God's Word.

Every verse shows how our future is BRIGHT!

But it is judgment time for the worldwide criminal mafia.

You will be VERY HAPPY you found this podcast.

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Title: Trump - The Rod of God - Deliver us from Evil! Soleimani Deep State CIA 1/7/2020

Trump - The Rod of God - Deliver us from Evil! Soleimani Deep State CIA 1/7/2020

September 16th, 2020

"Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment." (James 3:1) Trump - Scottish Royalty - Line… Go to Episode

Great Pyramid of Giza - Enoch's Gospel Presentation - MUST SEE Info The NWO Hid from Us! 6.2.18

September 16th, 2020

This Sign was meant for us! They Hid it! But We Found it! NOTHING can stop their Destruction or the Kingdom of Christ! Pyramid Videos Short… Go to Episode

CATACLYSMIC FIND in UNDERGROUND VAULT. ARK of the Covenant (Mark Taylor's prophecy?) 6.8.18

September 16th, 2020

Please prepare yourself before you watch this. Impossible to Overstate the Magnitude of this Discovery. Amazing Revelation! Truly a Miracle! Noah’s… Go to Episode

What is "Q" Source? & the Sign of the Son of Man? END TIMES TRUTH 8.11.20

September 7th, 2020

#TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA LORD bless all us Patriots. Give us Courage and Wisdom. Surround us & our families with Your Protection & Peace. Guide… Go to Episode