Theater of The Courtroom


“Theater of The Courtroom” is a podcast designed to help trial lawyers “bring the life back to the law” by making a positive connection with jurors so that they will be open to our arguments.

It’s also designed to help tax professionals simplify “tax speak” so that it can easily be understood by a lay audience.


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An Introduction to IRS Appeals

Join me as I walk you through an introduction to IRS Appeals. In this podcast, I discuss the IRS Appeals process along with the following:

•The Role of Appeals
•Hazards of Litigation
•What does Appeals Consider?
•What issues can the TP Raise?
•Overview of Appeals Process
•Role of the Appeals team manager
•What if agreement is reached?
•What if agreement is not reached?
•Independence of Appeals & Ex Parte
•Non-docketed versus Docketed cases
To access the slides, click here.