Theater of The Courtroom


“Theater of The Courtroom” is a podcast designed to help trial lawyers “bring the life back to the law” by making a positive connection with jurors so that they will be open to our arguments.

It’s also designed to help tax professionals simplify “tax speak” so that it can easily be understood by a lay audience.


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Anatomy of a Civil Tax Controversy: Eggshell Audits and the Kovel Accountant

Join me as I walk you through the anatomy of a civil tax controversy from A through Z. This webinar will cover each step in the process, and will take a closer look at what to do during an eggshell audit. Other topics to be discussed include cases typically recommended for prosecution, attorney-client privilege in the tax realm, Kovel Agreements, IRS Appeals, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an in-depth overview of the anatomy of a civil tax controversy from A through Z
  • Develop best practices for walking your client through an eggshell audit
  • Review attorney-client privilege in the tax realm
  • Discuss the use of a Kovel Accountant and drafting an airtight Kovel Agreement
  • Comprehend the IRS Appeals Process
  • Evaluate the hazards of litigation

To access the slides, click here.