Todd Klindt's SharePoint and Cloud Podcast


In this podcast Todd covers topics he's covered over the last week as a SharePoint administrator, plus other Microsoft related tech topics including PowerShell, SQL Server, Azure, and the occasional Windows 10 topic. He also throws in gadget reviews now and then.


Todd Klindt's SharePoint and Cloud Podcast navigateright Episode

Todd Klindt's SharePoint Admin Netcast #8

Another week, another truly spectacular SharePoint netcast recorded. This week I cover SharePoint 2007 SP2. I cover what features have been added, like STSADM operations and FBA support as well as things that have been fixed and why we drive in a parkway and park in a driveway. I also introduce my new Intro in this episode, courtesy of Darvish Shadravan. Finally for each unique IP that downloads a copy before May 11th I will donate one item to a local food pantry. Tell your friends.