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Total Wellness Radio with Dan Young captures and documents 15+ years of clinical experience with natural wellness protocols. He also interviews people from all over who are in the natural wellness profession. You will gain valuable insight into the sometimes misunderstood and certainly not well known world of natural, non-invasive protocols that people have used for thousands of years to promote normal function and achieve optimum health.


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E208 Sarah Adamo-Platinum in Young Living-Speaker-Mom to 7:)

Sarah Adamo was the proud wife to the late Jacob Adamo, for 15 years. Jacob was the Author of 2 books on inter personal communication and spoke on the same subject. Sarah is Mama to their 7 amazing children, 5 of which were delivered by Jacob and born at home. Jacob and Sarah shared a passion for health both in communication and in the physical body and supported each other in their businesses. After Jacob’s sudden passing in April of 2018, Sarah picked up his baton and continues on with his message of better communication through understanding the unique characteristics of each personality and blending them to achieve more balanced relationships. She speaks publically on the topics of living through the hardships of grief and personality colors. She is also a Platinum in Young Living and currently lives in Eastern Tennessee with her children.