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Each week the WHM gang force themselves to watch bad movies that were better left forgotten to fuel off-the-wall tangents, inane impressions and unabashed comedic silliness. This is a comedy podcast for movie lovers that can't help but relish pure trash.


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Unlock the Vault: Episode 377 - Ready Player One

This week on the program, the gang is playing in the sand at Quarantine Beach so they're unlocking the vault to bring Episode 377, Ready Player One to the public! Why is an entire society obsessed with this weird, old man's life? Why didn't this dumb kid use the hover conversion more to his advantage? And could a film dump on The Shining any worse than this dumb sequence? PLUS: Steve reads some... "poetry"!

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Ready Player One stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, Lena Waithe, Simon Pegg, and Mark Rylance; directed by Steven Spielberg.

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