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Writers & Authors on Fire is the podcast and website to inspire and ignite your writing. You’ll hear interviews with writers, authors, editors, agents, and publishers; monologues about writing and the craft of writing; tips on writing and how to get the most out of writers conferences; updates on the ever-changing publishing world; book reviews; reviews of writing tools; and more. Our aim is to inspire you to keep on writing, to master the submission process, and get your writing published.

The podcast episodes of writers and authors will feature an in-depth section of their writing journey, motivators, challenges and successes, goals, learnings, and genre specify questions; and a lighter section highlighting their writing process. Episodes with editors, agents, and publishers will feature questions and material specific to their roles in writing and publishing. Each show will feature a "show notes" page with key highlights of the interview, links to their website and books, and more.

The goal of the podcast is for you to listen, learn, be inspired, and then write.


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011: From Writer to Author

What does it talk to move a writer to become an author? Is being published the main criteria? This show will look at ways writers can increase their chances of becoming published, the value of writers’ conferences, talk about learning the craft, discuss what being published means, and learn about two books that teach the finer points of writing book proposals – an important part to getting published.

Check out the From Writer to Author show notes page for highlights from the show, links to books mentioned, and a tweet to share.