Writing Skills


It is a common misconception that writing skills are only necessary if you are an English or journalism major. However, writing skills are very important for every major, especially for the social sciences. You may not think that writing would be such an integral part of social science classes, but they are truly essential for the following reasons.

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Social science classes commonly require take-home paper assignments

It is extremely common for a psychology or sociology class to require all students to complete a take-home paper. In order to do well on this take-home assignment, you should have a foundation of knowledge to use proper syntax, grammar, spelling, word flow, and sentence structure. These are just a few of the baseline elements of a paper that should be fully understood so that your professor can focus on write essay for me online is truly trying to communicate.

To prepare you for short answer and essay questions on exams

Since many questions related to the social sciences necessitate analysis, exams often require longer explanations than a multiple choice test provides, which means many include short answer and essay questions. The teacher wants to give the student a chance to explain what is happening in a sociological context, or why you think the test subject might have a certain abnormal psychological illness. Since the social sciences represent such fluid topics, your descriptions and explanations are critical to correctly answering the questions.

You could be required to conduct and write your own study

A large part of being a student in the social sciences involves reading, conducting, and writing about scientific studies. You could be required to conduct your own study with your own test subjects in order to prove or disprove a certain theory. In addition, writing about what you discover in your research is no easy feat. It could require you to write an abstract; introduction; methodology describing the study design, participants, materials, and procedure; an analysis of your results; and a works cited page. Studies can range from around 10-60 pages, so you should know the basics of writing before you start this feat.

Social sciences revolve around communication

The social sciences by definition involve studying innate human capacities and how humans interact. Social sciences thus revolve around one of the most important processes by which humans interact: communication. Your professor may want you to demonstrate that you are capable of communicating, both in class and on paper. The various assignments that you write about may allow your teacher to gauge exactly where you are on the communication spectrum, and he or she will then be able to figure out how to best test and grade you specifically. By analyzing your communication capacities and styles, your teacher can thus help you learn more effectively.