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"Yak About" & The David Yakir Group navigateright Episode

22 JUNE 2015 – Smooth Sailing and “POW” video & Livestream go down

Another hot summer day here on the Treasure Coast - working out the kinks of the Video Feed. Thought we had it today, but alas it went down, but didn't notice it until the end of the broadcast. Think we got it set from here-on in. It's been great seeing my colleagues on video and much fun watching the veteran radio hosts adjust to the video. As we are doing 1/2 hour shows for the summer season, we aren't doing that many interviews. Just chit-chatting with the group about the latest in tech news and stories. As always we had some Good discussions. I introduced someone I'm excited to begin working with. His names Mike Wieger. Check him out on YouTube. He's an up and comer and I'm looking forward to doing the show with him. He's got a loyal following and i'm sure he'll be a great addition to "Yak About Tech". More on that next week. I'll keep this short for the summer. Go out and play kids, its the summer. NEXT WEEK: MIKE WIEGER AND THE INTRODUCTION OF "THE CENTRE: CONTENT & CONVERSATION - The rewiring of local media markets.