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YBFG 003 - Debbie Huxton - How to go from Emergency Room Nurse to Successful Motivational Speaker

Show Notes

In This Episode…

In this episode we interview former emergency room nurse, army wife and mum of 3, who saved her 17 year old son’s life after a suicide attempt. After this life changing event she re-evaluated her priorities. Living for what’s important, thus changing career.


She worked as an A&E nurse and saw how people chose not to take ownership of the problems they came in with. One “down and out” patient came in and changed her philosophy around staying in a job that you are unhappy with. She managed to get him to share the story behind his behaviour. What she found out was that this person, Dave, was in fact a former high earning barrister who chose to go into a downward spiral because he was unhappy and chose alcoholism to mask the drama and negative things that he was exposed to. But out of this life lesson he showed her the value of living to her true self.

Since then she has changed her career for the better and is now an Inspirational & Motivational speaker, Author and Business Coach.

Debbie also talks about “That Thing”..?

That thing that sits on your shoulder, whispering self-doubt in your ear, that comes into your head whilst driving, that thing that wakes you and keeps you up at night. Something that ebbs away in your stomach, eroding your self-worth. Everybody has that thing that they need to deal with.

Debbie now helps people to address failure through the choices you make in your life and to focus on the solutions rather than the problems.

The Golden Sugar Lump -

I will do today what will not, so I can have tomorrow that others cannot.

Best advice – Small, Regular and Grande

  • Get clear on your vision – understand your life plan, what is the legacy you want to leave?

  • Get clear on your values, get clear on the 5 driving values in your DNA. These influence how you make decisions

  • Get yourself a good coach, or a mentor, a mentorship program to get the truth and they will help to stretch you.

Coffee Shop Book Shelf

  • The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor

  • Little Book of Big Wisdom by Debbie Huxton

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