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Welcome to Your Career Cure Podcast, hosted by award winning entrepreneur, CEO, author, public speaker and Chief Staffing & Career Strategist, Gail Tolstoi-Miller. Gail will provide weekly notable guests such as entrepreneurs, executives, HR professionals, recruiters and niche experts that will provide advice, tools and tricks on how to overcome your biggest career and job search obstacles. In addition, Gail will share her brutally honest insider career and entrepreneurial insights and secrets on bonus episodes so you can transform your career and life. If you appreciate “tell it like it is” Jersey style, you’re going to love this show. Gail’s motto is “Happy Career. Happy Life.” Follow Gail on twitter @gailtolstoimill on Linkedin Watch Gail's TEDX talk on Unconscious Bias at Visit for show notes, resources and much more.


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Sam Smith on How Curiosity Fosters Growth on Your Career Cure

Sam Smith discusses how his curiosity as a child and throughout adulthood has fostered career growth and in his personal life.  Interesting episode of Your Career Cure with host Gail Tolstoi-Miller. Audio has some minor technical glitches.